Thursday, July 5, 2007

New Clients

I haven't taken on new clients for a while and just took on three this week. I wanted to share with you the process and reasons for taking them on.

The first new client is someone who is famous in another field. He published a limited edition of his first novel and a friend in the business asked me to take it on. I started reading it and have been so sucked in that I put aside my reading for pleasure and stayed up until 2:00 in the morning reading his book. It's weird, wonderful and dark. I have no idea who's going to buy it, but I'm anxious to give it s try. Summer, of course, is the absolute worst time to submit work because everyone who can green light a project is on vacation, so nothing will happen with this until September.

I also approached a women whose life experience was part of a big movie that took place in the 70's to co-author a young adult novel. I knew that she had been working on her autobiography for years, but assumed that she had already sold it on her own. Turns out she hadn't, so I am working with her on both the YA fiction project I want to develop with her, as well as her memoir.

Someone who used to work with me on my newspaper sent me an email to inform me that he had won a national newspaper writing contest and wondered if there was a book in the subject he was writing about. I read the columns and was thrilled to tell him that if he could carry his humorous tone off successfully throughout the entire book, he had a really good chance of making a sale and a name for himself.

So that's how I ended up taking on three new clients this week.


JDuncan said...

When it rains it pours, I guess. Hope they work out for you, Lori. I had a genre question you or some of the readers here might could answer.

What is the line between dark fantasy and paranormal suspense (I asked this before but I don't think the post went through, apologies if this is second time around)? They seem to share many elements and depending on the story might be interchangeable terms, but I am curious what your take on that is.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Lori--

Congrats on your three new clients!

I wondered if you could elaborate on your YA project? Under what circumstances would you want a YA to be co-authored? Also, you metioned you are "developing" it with her. Does this mean you are directing the subject/tone/plot?

Is this something similar to a few YA novels I've read that were "packaged?" (I'm thinking of books like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.) Where it seemed to be a group effort and the author wasn't listed on the copyright page, but the "packager" was.


Anonymous said...

Grats on the new clients and best of luck to you and them!

BernardL said...

Black House handled the 'Territories' this time in a way where I didn't stop reading, and start wondering what the heck? I had a very hard time suspending reality reading his past chapters in this series. Do you also read Dean Koontz?