Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Tip for the YA Market

So, I was talking to a publisher who is expanding their middle grade fiction list into YA, expecting that they would want more vampires and zombies in high school. I was shocked when he said, "What we're really looking for is historical YA. We think it will be huge."

So, if you've got a historical that you can change the age of the protagonist on and/or a YA that could/should be set in the past, get to work polishing it off.

And let me know when you sell it (or send a query to Jenny Rappaport at

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cindy said...

this is wonderful to hear! i did have four editors interested in my debut novel, which is a historical-like YA fantasy. (i went with greenwillow books / harpercollins.) i also had a few agents tell me there would be no market for my type of book during the querying stage.

and i'm heartened to read that maybe the trend will change? i've always loved reading hisotricals / fantasy / combo books when i was younger. and now, too!