Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back from Killercon

Every now and then an agent goes to a convention and gets inspired. This usually happens for me at Necon. It happened at Killercon too.

Killercon was awesome. Imagine your favorite horror, thriller and paranormal romance writers let loose upon Las Vegas? I don't think the city will ever be the same.

Now, you have to realize my biases here (my heart belongs to horror - especially vampires - I've sold more than 200 vampire novels in 22 years - although the zombies are trying to seduce me), and then my second love is erotica and paranormal romance, so this was an orgy for me. I went to every single panel and reading I could - I mean Joe Landsdale, L.A. Banks, Heather Graham - it was almost too rich for my blood.

And then we judged an erotic horror contest at midnight one night, and the submissions were so good, that I think we're going to buy the first place story for Ravenous Romance!

I dragged Lisa and Tommy Lane to Bite!, the vampire burlesque show that's been running on and off on the strip for the last two years and we had second row seats. Great concept, costumes, and dancing, although it could use more story and hotter men. But what fun!

And I even witnessed Brian Keene get inspired on the zombie panel. He now has the ending for his comic book series, and we all were amazed as Hal Bodner realized the underlying themes of his M/M zombie novel, FOR THE LOVE OF THE DEAD.

If you love these genres, mark your calendar for next year's Killercon. Brian Lumley and John Skipp have already agreed to attend. I think it's going to be in August next year. I can't wait.