Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sandy Lu Sells 4 Books in One Week

There's no set program or course for someone to take to become an agent. You usually mentor with someone who shows you the ropes, watch their successes and frustrations (and in publishing today, there are a lot of frustrations), and then one day, you know you are a real agent - sort of like Pinocchio becoming a real boy.

Sandy Lu has been working with me for quite a while, making connections and plowing through hundreds of manuscripts, editing and shaping. From the day she got this one urban fantasy in, she told me that she was going to sell it. She loved it, and editors seemed to be getting back to her much quicker than usual.

Then last week, she closed on a nonfiction title at the beginning of the week, and turned the one-book urban fantasy offer into a three-book deal. Champagne flowed in our office. Sandy had arrived!

She's on a hot streak now. And I'm really thrilled for her. There's nothing like calling a first-time author and telling them they'll be published, especially when the two of you have worked on the book for a long time.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Ebook Agent at the L. Perkins Agency

Saritza Hernandez is a new agent working in my agency who will be selling ebooks exclusively. She already has offers from Ellora's Cave, Loose Id and Dream Spinner Press for some of her clients.

Below is her introduction:

Realizing that the publishing industry was transforming and moving into the digital space, I started looking for a way to help friends of mine whose writing talent was shared only among the few of us in critique groups, fan fiction sites and writing circles. For many of these authors, the idea of sending their manuscripts to large publishers was not only daunting but practically impossible as their work did not fit the print niche. For others, the idea of making a living out of a passion was (and is) a pipe dream. Many of these authors have large fan bases in their niche of the digital worlds they occupy. I started thinking of how I could help them transition from writing for fun to writing for profit and soon after I started researching ways to represent their interests to publishers in the digital market. I want to remain dedicated to helping authors gain pub credits in the digital arena while riding the wave of the digital transformation of the publishing industry.

I want to stay with erotica and erotic romance as my main categories to represent.

What I'm looking for:
Male/Male Erotic Romance
Paranormal (angels, demons, mythical beasts, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, etc.)
Contemporary Romance
Dark, edgy thrillers
Male/Female Erotic Romance (though I prefer m/m to be honest)
Same subcategories as above
Menage where the trio gains the happily ever after
Same subcategories as above

What I'm NOT looking for:
Literary Fiction
Christian Fiction
Contemporary Romance without erotic elements

Saritza can be reached at sh@lperkinsagency.com.

Once again, please tell your friends. I think this is a really exciting opportunity for both writers and Saritza!