Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Marketing Strategies

It's late and I'm having my office painted, which means everything is out of place and it takes much longer to finish anything. That's why I'm still here after midnight, having finished most of the paperwork for the annual 1099's, and then reading a proposal for a book that I came up with for one of my favorite clients. We're hoping it's his break-out book.

Anyway, one more marketing question, and then we can retire this subject for a week or two?

Question: Do you think that you or Ms. Donovan could expound on the practical logistics of throwing that kind of party? How did she find the restaurant and approach negotiations? Did she have a contract? Thanks M

In New York City, a new restaurant opens every hour. They need traffic and press, so if you can find one, they wil be happy to host a party if you can promise them anywhere from 50 to 100 people. They are hoping that your guests will like the place and come back with their corporate lunches and dinners and spend more money. In this case, my client did sign a contract. She knew the restaurant owner (most sucessful restaurants are owned by people who are opening more restaurants).

If you have a favorite place, you can ask them to close for two hours (or give you a room) and see what that would cost you. You can have your guests pay for their own drinks.

There are p.r. agencies for restaurants, but I haven't a clue how to find them. I imagine you call a restaurant you're fond of and ask who does their p.r. Occassionally they'll tie your event into a vodka promotion, so your guests can get those free drinks.

But, here again, it takes effort and coordination, and a few hundred bucks, but it shouldn't cost more than that, even in NYC. One client had her pub party in a pub and just ordered a few pizzas cut into bite-sized squares.


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