Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bell Ringing, Pt. 2

And I like novels about plagues and viruses (THE STAND, THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN - shows you how old I am).

One of you mentioned agentquery.com. It's a great resource because it really encourages the agents to be very specific about what they are looking for. It also lists recent sales, so you can see what we've sold.

But if you search long and hard enough for me, you'll find that the three things I always say I'm interested in seeing are "a Latin Gone with the Wind," urban ethnic horror and feminist smut.

Latin Gone with the Wind means a novel set in one of the Latin and South American countries or the Caribbean where the paternalistic society crumbles leaving the plucky female protagonist to figure out the new world and rules. I keep on getting novels about some guy who swims across the Rio Grande. That's not what I want.

Urban ethnic horror. I thought this was pretty straight forward. The horror boom of the late 80's was suburban white teens. I want the city novels using urban mythologies set in at least an ethically diverse community, if not a black or Hispanic one.

Feminist smut. Women centered erotica where the women have great self-esteem and know what they want and how to get it.


Anonymous said...

Egads! I'm a right wing male writer from the South trying to get an agent for my action thriller. I'd better look elsewhere. (Lori's blog, however, is wonderful reading and a regular treat)

Spencer Ellsworth said...

Can't imagine why you'd like feminist smut.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! I've got a book about a lesbian werewolf growing up on a banana plantation in Uruguay!

Kismet, baby!

(P.S. No, not really)

Prathima said...

Well, my story doesn't fit in any of those categories. It's a YA fantasy like something by Patrecia Wrede or Terry Pratchett. A spoof on fairytales, filled with humour, sarcasm, chaos and character development. On yor other voice you said, you liked fantasy with that chick lit voice, and my book is a little chick lit, so would you be interested?