Monday, June 4, 2007

BEA follow-up

Writer's Digest pitch slam was much better than I expected, even though I was quite sick with a sore throat. I saw 40 writers in two hours and there were quite a few truly quirky ideas that I am hoping will prove to be wonderful.

Then I went out for drinks with my out-of-town agent buddies, which is always pleasurable.

Then out to dinner with writers.

Thursday I wrapped up my meetings for BEA and had one of my clients come into town to speak to my NYU class, where I teach a class on preparing your book for presentation to an agent or editor(we were doing the nonfiction book proposal and he had recently retooled a book concept he had been working on for 3 years, so he had a lot of insight on how to make your book stronger). Then we went to dinner. Then we went to the pre-BEA parties (they all seemed to be set for Thursday night).

Meanwhile, I received a call from Jenny Rappaport, the other agent at the agency, that she had an auction on her hands. She was very excited (and so was I for her). She's had a great year. I gave her suggestions on how to get more money for the book. She said she didn't think she could ask for so much. I reminded her that she is trying to come up with the cash to pay for her wedding. She got the money!

Hit the ground running on Friday. I had set up meetings with my foreign agents (who always come in for BEA) and out-of-town editors. I also had two meetings for clients from out-of-town who were meeting their editors or brainstorming.

I had a party to attend Friday, but my sore throat acted up, so I had an early night.

Back for meetings on Saturday all day and then I went out to dinner with some of my clients who were in town for BEA.

Sunday I just collapsed.

I'm up early today because I'm getting ready to run downtown for more meetings with out-of-town editors. This will go on for the next two days.


Tyhitia Green said...

Okay, Lori. When do you sleep? And do you even go on vacations? How many of the 40 writers did you request materials from? That's alot of pitching in 2 hours. How do you do it? You made me tired just from reading about it. :*)

Gina Black said...

One word (and some letters): Garlicin CF. No, I don't work for them. Whenever I start to feel like I'm coming down with a cold/flu (the sore throat) I dose up, and often it just goes away. You can find the stuff at Health Food Stores. It contains garlic, echinacea, vit c, and zinc.

WandererInGray said...

Wow, busy weekend, Lori!

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no idea how you do what you do. It all seems rewarding, but very taxing. I respect that schedule immensely and never be able to say I am stressed out again.