Thursday, September 13, 2007

O.J., Oprah and Me

Is there anyone in America who didn't catch some (or all) of the Oprah interviews with the Goldmans and Denise Brown?

I think most people had made up their mind about this book before seeing the interviews and I don't think there's anything either party said that woud push anyone to change their mind.

I'm glad we live in a country where even a dispicable book can get published. I just think the history of this book is as unseemly as its content.

I wish the Goldmans had given us the choce between buying the book or just sending 17 cents for their legal fund.


Levy said...

I saw and thought about your post from a couple weeks ago. It's amazing that now this book has divided the families of the two murdered (by O.J.) people. It just doesn't stop.

And now really smart people go on national television and talk about burning books...or turning them upside down in the book store.

I've got 17 cents, heck I'll throw in a quarter...and some lighter fluid?

That's my two cents worth.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Nope. Didn't watch a peep of it. (and, btw, it was Denise on the show. Nicole's a bit unavailable these days, unless there's a medium involved.)

They could ALL go away and I'd be a happier person.

Anonymous said...

No one wins in this story.

The Goldmans want OJ to pay for the loss of their loved one. They want him punished. The criminal route didn't work. Civil law provides for "making whole"(or as close thereto as possible) via the payment of money. Also looks to punish via payment. Not going to bring the loved one back, but as close as our society gets to a remedy. The Goldmans didn't create this solution. It exists.

Since the judgment was awarded, this is the first means of collecting anything. OJ has continued to live his life in the public eye, and seems to be doing so comfortably. Up until now, he has not had to pay, feel, acknowlege anything.

I sympathize with both families. According to reports, the book denigrates Nicole Simpson. But by doing so, OJ shows exactly who and what he is.

The Goldmans also pointed out that this book would have been published by someone. There is no way to put this particular genie back in the bottle.

By winning the rights and publishing it in the manner they have done, they have the final say/benefit in an ugly situation.
And the profits are shared by the estates, so the children of Nicole Brown Simpson will ultimately benefit as well.

Josephine Damian said...

Am still kicking myself for missing it (I was over at
participating in his awesome first line competition - please - everybody - stop by and vote - agents too).

While I don't begrudge the
Goldmans getting the money from OJ they're entitled to, I wish they'd found another way - and donating money to them is far better choice than buying that stupid book.

And you just know all this renewed attention for OJ just feeds his ego - which sure as heck doesn't need to get any bigger.

Ravenous Romance said...

Susan, thanks. Changed it. I guess that's what happens when you write a post right after seeing something that you wish didn't exist. Not that I begrudge the forum Oprah gave them - it's just that I wish we, as a culture, weren't giving OJ another 15 minutes of fame.

Lorra said...

OJ and the public who supports him is a sad commentary on our society and communal IQ. Are we really the sheep we appear to be?

And no, I didn't watch. The only time I watched Oprah was when she eviscerated Frey.

Carradee said...

"Is there anyone in America who didn't catch some (or all) of the Oprah interviews with the Goldmans and Denise Brown?"

[raises hand]

I have no idea what you're talking about.

It sounds like that's a good thing, though. :-) One of those things you'd rather miss.

Anonymous said...

It's also sad that generally the only books Oprah devotes precious air-time to are the books of the extreme-controversy kind...pity the 99% of authors whose books never make world headlines but I guess that's life in the writing world!
best wishes libby-jane

Chesya said...

I didn't watch it. I'm so sick of OJ and his need for attention.

I don't think OJ and the public who supports him has anything to do with "communal IQ" any more than it did when there were laws to support lynching and segregation.

Cellophane Queen said...

This is 10 days late, but I saw Larry King interviewing the ghost writer of the book. He actually testified for the prosecution at the trial (heard the barking dog). Wow, no wonder people think some writers are whores.