Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some Titles I'd Like to See

So, obviously I've been spending a lot of time reviewing the erotic romance market lately. I'm going to RWA this year, for the first time, because I am selling so much in this market.

However, there are a few books I just don't seem to see in my slush, so here are some ideas I would really like to see developed (and if you do, send them to lperkinsagency@yahoo.com and not the blog comments).

Turn the old Richard Gere classic on its head. Make her the officer and him the factory worker and still make it work.

I want a chick lit stripper novel, damn it! I get so many stripper stories by men, or heart-wrenching stripper memoirs, but what I really want is Bridget Jones as a stripper. (By the way, there's a short story anthology I'm working on, so any stripper short stories and/or strippers who write fiction, please contact me).

I don't know what the story is about, but I would definitely pick up this book based on the title alone.

I recently went to a lesbian wedding and they both wore wedding dresses. My best friend is getting married for the second time in her mid-50's and I have been hunting down the ultimate wedding dress. This made me think about how much fun it would be to be two women buying and undressing each other in these elaborate clothes.

And tell me what novels/stories you'd like to see?


Jill Elaine Hughes said...

FWIW, I'm an RWA member and I am probably not going to renew my membership because RWA as an organization is not at all friendly toward erotic romance/erotica authors. They don't have a Rita or Golden Heart category for it, and most of the old-school, conservative RWA members treat erotica authors like second-class citizens. I went to one meeting of my local RWA chapter and never went back, I was treated so badly. I think the Romantic Times conference is much more supportive of erotica.

From my perspective, I'd like to see a "Pretty Woman" role-reversal----a woman in the Richard Gere position and a man in the Julia Roberts position.

Amie Stuart said...

If you find a stripper story, I wanna read it!! LOL

ryan field said...

I like the idea of M/M for women. I think it's been left to the side, but that there's an emerging market for it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sex and shoes would be an interesting idea. I have a shoe fetish though. Hum, pondering that idea.

Kimber Chin said...

I'm so there about the Sex And Shoes storyline.

Angeleque Ford said...

"Sex and Shoes" - love the title and thanks for the great idea that sparked when I read it.

I would probably read all of those titles.

I like stripper stories (having danced in college). I even wrote a stripper story a while ago but it's buried on my hard drive.

Tez Miller said...

Chick lit stripper? You might enjoy Jackie Kessler's "Hell on Earth" series: Hell's Belles, The Road to Hell, Hotter than Hell and stories in various anthologies. Tell her Tez Miller sent you ;-)

Have a lovely day! :-)

JDuncan said...

I'd like to see more out of the various genre fiction lines that upped the sex factor. I don't buy erotica, which is ironic I suppose since I do enjoy reading and writing sex scenes. I'd personally love seeing epic fantasy that had serious erotic undertones throughout. I'm just not sure that's in the nature of the types who like to write epic fantasy (most of them anyway).


Michael Devers said...

Slow-Winding Trouble Doll

Like your shoe story, I'm not exactly sure where it's going, but I want to know more.

Anonymous said...

My Sumerian history prof damsel finds more than a cute pair of sandals when she meets Larry Gomez, a sexy shoe salesman with an uncanny knowledge of history. How much does he really know? To find out, Eva will have to stick her neck out.
See your inbox for my Query titled: SCARY LARRY.

Aimlesswriter said...

hmmm, I have a stripper story but never finished it. Wasn't sure it would fly anywhere.
Just goes to show..ya never know.

I'd like to see woman waking up and breaking out of a bad relationship. I have too many friends who ended up and stayed with jerks. Maybe they need to read stories to see it can be done?

Anonymous said...

More traditional, literary horror. I wish Jonathan Carroll had nine million more books. I guess that's asking a lot.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I'll call dibs on sex and shoes. Simply because,I'd like MORE of both. So glad I came across your site, I will be reading through and mentally storing your gems of advice for my submission. CHEERS.

Anonymous said...

Are you looking for a realistic look at the life of a stripper ala all the drugs, self-mutilation, and complete destruction or more of a "Pretty Woman" type story?

Frank Santos said...

Sex and shoes appears to be a real winner. Maybe you have volunteered yourself to write this book. From Santos, the 300 pound Portuguese-Jewish loudmouth narrator of Frank's Wild Years:

...where I met Katerina, a gorgeous middle-aged
woman in a pair of black and white Italian

"Are those Gianvito Rossi?" I asked pointing to
the $600 numbers on her lovely feet.

"You know shoes?" she spoke in a soft faint
Eastern European accent. "Are you a designer?"

I was tempted to play along but opted instead for
honesty. "No," I explained. "I just have a mild
fetish...but it's a tasteful one."

Ravenous Romance said...

OK, SEX AND SHOES wins. I'm editing an anthlogy, so send me stories (seriously).

Stripper stories. This idea came up because I got a dark literary novel about a stripper's life and it felt like it was written by Brett Easton Ellis. And I couldn't imagine I could sell more than 2000 copies of the book. Then I said to myself, but what if it had that wise-cracking Bridget Jones chick lit voice? So, no, I don't want to read about the dark undertow of stripping. Sorry. I know it's there, but I also know a lot of ex-strippers who put themselves through school with that money (hey, I went to NYU), bought horses (true story) and actually met the man of their dreams (but not mine - but who's to judge).

Lisa Iriarte said...

"And tell me what novels/stories you'd like to see."

Ummm, mine?

:) Just kidding (well, not really) but I am hoping to pitch to you at the FWA conference in November.

Lisa Iriarte

Anonymous said...

Strippers, eh? Funny, when I wrote my first book my girlfriend said she wanted to be a character in the book--specifically a slut--so she got to be a stripper (a briefly mentioned character). I've begun my second now and she has begged to be a slutty character in the story once again--and I comply because we have fun with developing the character. I guess there is more of a call for it than I guessed. Maybe book #3.

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