Sunday, August 10, 2008


I took the red-eye in from San Francisco and went straight to work Tuesday morning. I really have been working since I got in (and it's after mid-night on Sunday).

I have never had such an intense summer, but that may be because two of my clients are starting an epublishing venture and they are buying so much of my clients' work. It's an erotic romance ebook publisher that's buying short stories and novels, but the novels have to be 50,000 words (that's 200 pages), so I'm editing back a ton of these titles to fit.

The erotic anthology SEX AND SHOES has been promised there.

I'm also going to be editing MEN IN SHORTS for them. That's an anthology about hot guys in shorts from the cute mailman to the basketball player to the bike messenger and that surfer dude. I am hoping you get the gist.

But go visit their website - There's a free short story to download and a chance to win an iPod Touch.


Neve Black said...

Hi Lori,
I just found you a couple weeks ago, courtesy of Alison Tyler.

This is a fabulous opportunity. Thank you.

What's the deadline for the Men In Shorts stories.


ryan field said...

The free short story is well worth going over there.

Sandra Cormier said...

When I read Men in Shorts, I can't help but think of Mel Brooks' Men In Tights.

Anonymous said...

Ravenous and your relationship with it has become quite controversial over at the Dear Author blog, FYI. (There are a lot of commenters there who believe the press is doomed to fail and are angry that you are its sole agent). I suppose that's their problem. :)

I for one am very excited about Ravenous. When/where will more info be available to the general public?

Ravenous Romance said...

Any agent can submit to Ravenous Romance.

I've always worn many hats in publishing. I've published 4 nonfiction books, edited two erotica anthologies and have been an adjunct professor at NYU for two decades.

Anonymous said...

Since you agent for horror why not Dead Men in Shorts?

Ravenous Romance said...

That's another anthology, but it might be s good short story?

Or Dead Men Don't Wear Shorts?

AzGhostWriter said...

I can't wait for the shequell.

Neve Black said...

Hi Lori,
I found you via the fabulous Alison Tyler.

Are you looking for short erotica stories for men in shorts? Gawd, I hope so, I'm in the process of creating it. ;-)

If yes, 2500 word limit? Double space; indent five...? Writer's bio attached?

Thank you,

Neve Black

Anonymous said...

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