Friday, October 3, 2008

What Comes Around, ...

Three years ago I attended the Florida Writer's Conference (which I am going to again this year) and announced that I was starting to look at erotica. A shy woman scheduled a meeting with me and told me she was working on a novel about a former Sunday school teacher who discovers Internet porn and how it transforms her life.

I told her to send it to me. It was both edgy and sweet, but needed work in its story-telling and structure.

When I got the gig at Ravenous Romance, I looked up the author. She had finished her novel. We read it, and we had a brilliant intern who helped her restructure the book.

She had also grown as a writer by then too, so we were able to buy the book, as well as a short story.

I was the editorial reader on that novel, and I was thrilled to see just how compelling this novel had become.


Lisa Iriarte said...

Are you interested in science fiction erotica?

Anonymous said...

Who is it, what's the book and when's the release date? Also, do you know of any novels centered around porn as a social issue? Or even some that focus on it in a personal way, like this novel?


Ravenous Romance said...

Yes, we'd love science fiction erotica.

Cecilia Tan, one of my clients and a good friend, specializes in science fiction and fantasy erotica. She edited an anthology SEX IN THE SYSTEM.