Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Finally Closed a Deal

OK, a while back I wrote about how this major publisher called me in November to let me know that if I wanted to follow the letter of the contract law and get an offer from them on the option novel they'd had for 90 days, they were going to have to pass. However, if I'd wait until the new year, they would probably buy it, because they could make their books balance that way.

So, I waited until February, when they informed me that even though my author had already written two books for them, they were going to need a whole new outline and three sample chapters to go forward.

We wanted to stay with this house, so we complied.

We were supposed to hear two weeks ago, but the editorial meeting was delayed.

I got a call today - five months later - saying it was a go. Of course, the offer was the same as the last one. We expected this.

But this is publishing today.


Tara Maya said...

That's pretty harsh. But I imagine if I were the author I would have gone for it too.

Unknown said...


I wanted to let you know that I referenced your blog in my blog.

Michelle Reynoso

writing and photography

LaFleur2009 said...

Hey, a deal is a deal. Perserverance pays. ;-)


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