Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vampires Live Forever!

There's an interesting piece over at B&N on the staying power of vampire fiction, I Vant to Suck Your Blood

It always fascinates me that the writers in SF & F (and sometimes horror) seem to have such disdain for vampire fiction (if they're not writing it themselves).

As you know, I love a good vampire novel (I've sold at least 200, and bought another 25 at RR). I believe you can never be too rich or too thin, or have too many vampire novels.

I'm reading the manuscript of WOMEN OF THE BITE edited by Cecilia Tan right now, and it just amazes me how fluid (pardon the pun there) the vampire mythos is.


Anonymous said...

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Kathryn Meyer Griffith said...

yeah! Vampires are selling again! As I happen to have a (partial) vampire novel - The Woman In Crimson- with Sandy Lu right now. I'm glad horror is selling again. Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Susan Blexrud said...

Well, here's hoping you're right. My take on it is that vampire writers have such a broad range of attributes to flaunt that the possibilities are endless. My vamps are sexy (of course), but they're also funny. I'll be blogging about vampire anatomy on June 16 at Fang-tastic Books. Do vampires have hearts? Think about it. Without a circulatory system, where would all that blood go?

Katlin said...

I completely and totally agree! I've been reading vampire novels for over 11 years and they never get old. Every one has their own idea on what vampires should be. I do have a question though. I've completed a young adult thriller novel that is centered around vampires. It's edgier than what's in this particular market right now and I was wondering if I could query you about it or are you strictly representing adult novels? I tried to look on your website but its not running yet! I must say I think you would be interested in it.