Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some Trend Spotting

So, you all know I've been working two jobs for 3 1/2 years (July marks my 4 year anniversary), and since I really do work 16 hour days a few days a week. I barely have time to remember my middle name, let alone write in my blogs and journals. But Sunday morning is always a bit of "me" time and I thought I'd share some trends a few of us agents and editors see ahead.

As some of you may know from my twitter feed (and you should follow me, LoriPerkinsRR because I am constantly tweeting about publishing), I went to the midnight showing of Hunger Games on 3/19 with 9 other agents and editors. We got there two hours early and talked about books. This is what we see trending in the next year or on in terms of purchasing (which is different from what will be in print, because print takes so long). Remember, that my colleagues are skewed towards romance.

Geek love is coming. Hot nerds. Alphas in glasses. Shy billionaire entrepreneurs.

Even more dystopian fiction. One of these editors told me that she has bought through 2016. But they are being picky. I think YA is a little crowded, but not so much adult fiction. So, end of the world love stories. BTW, I am putting the finishing edits on APOCALYPSE TOMORROW: Love Among the Ruins, our end of the world and in love anthology at RR, so if you have something that might fit, send it in asap!

BDSM romance. Not a surprise after Fifty Shades of Grey. But it's BDSM light. So, if you have a naughty little trunk novel, or fan fiction that might be rewritten, dust it off and send it out.

And, here's my two cents on the fan fiction issue. It's fan fiction. It's entertainment. Surely we all have run an erotic scenario based on some TV show through our heads at some point in our lives. These authors have just decided to share. It's no big deal. When something is sent for publication, it has to be wiped clean of its obvious influence, but you can't copyright an idea (or a title). Inspiration is not plagiarism.

Now, off to the gym.


Gabrina said...

So what do you mean by "fan fiction that might be rewritten?"

Ravenous Romance said...

Fan fiction where the recognizable characters and setting can be changed.