Saturday, May 17, 2014

Isn't It Romantic? Meeting My New LPA Agent Tish Beaty at Romantic Times 2014

I've known Tish Beaty for a while.  She wrote an essay for me in my 50 Writers on 50 Shades of Grey anthology for Ben Bella ( because she was the acquiring editor at Coffeehouse Press for EL James' mega-selling trilogy.  She wrote a short story for the Riverdale Avenue Books' We Love NY anthology ( ) and I know she's working on her own erotic fiction.

At the beginning of the year she decided she wanted to try life on the agent side of the fence, and I knew she had the eye to find great talent, so I was thrilled to have her work with me as our new erotica and erotic romance agent, who is also taking on some YA and new adult, as well as some nonfiction.  And only a few months later, she already has a few sales under her belt, which is awesome.

She lives in the mid-west, so we do all our work via email and over the phone.  While you can certainly get a feel for someone's personality over the phone, there's nothing like meeting in the flesh.

The Romantic Times convention in New Orleans was our first face to face, and we hit it off like crazy.  She has such a passion for dirty books, and so do I!  It is a joy to listen to her tell me about the amazing authors she met here, and how excited she is to take them on.  I always feel the same way when I come to RT.  It is my favorite convention.  I just love the empowerment of my fellow women writers.

What a joy it is to work with a kindred spirit!

And you can show her some love by sending her your queries at


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