Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Making Space

I finally bought some new furniture (Ikea does not last forever - 15 years seems to be the max). Of course, that means getting rid of the old, which means sorting through stuff.

It turns out that the furniture I bought is a little bigger than what I had, so I had to make room, which means throwing stuff out.

I had three desks in the office/den area where I work, so I decided to get rid of one and consolidate. I got rid of the huge copier from the 90's and replaced it with a compact one (that is also a fax and a printer - the 90's copier cost $4000; this one $100 - amazing!!!) and moved the second desk into my office. But I still had to get rid of more stuff to do that.

I have spent the better part of the last week sorting and throwing out, and I am amazed at what I held on to.

I had thought I would be able to keep up my reading while doing this, but I was wrong. I was just physically exhausted by the end of the night. I have also learned that sorting and parting ways with stuff (even if it's old books I will never read again and fax machines I don't need) is stressful.

So I had 7 partials and manuscripts that I had hoped to read over the President's Day weekend, and I only managed to read 2 and a half (I did finish the third, but now I have to look at it again for an edit - one step forward, two steps back).

And I have two lectures this weekend.

Meanwhile, the erotica submissions were many and quite wonderful. I read through all of them and passed them on to my very excited intern.

If you don't hear from us in a week or so, it means that my spam filter got your email and decided to erase it (there were one or two submissions that I think got winked), so please resubmit.


ryan field said...

"that is also a fax and a printer - the 90's copier cost $4000; this one $100 - amazing!!!"

I'm hoping this happens with the Kindle Reader, too :) I'm dying for one, but don't want to spend over $400 if it's going to come down eventually.

Amie Stuart said...

Frankly, I believe that getting organized shouldn't be so messy--hehe

Anonymous said...

Would that be the "very excited" erotica intern? Ha, ha, ha! :)

Roscoe James said...

A question - probably a dumb question but only dumb people don't ask dumb questions. Well, something like that.

Is there life after e-romance? I selected e-romance as a learning ground for writing and (ultimately) want to spring board into brick and mortar fiction. It would be great to see a blurb about some success stories you might know - pitfalls and 'what-ta-do's'.

Oh, BTW - congrats on the office upgrade.

Ada [The Duchess] said...

I know how you feel Lori. Can you believe from my bedroom alone, I filled two large recycling bins? TWO. I totally emptied my drawers of trash and I put my gym clothes and everything else I wanted to stay in order. I can't believe the crap I was holding onto. I feel liberated though, now that the dust has settled - and I'm not tired as hell from all the hard work.


Ravenous Romance said...

Yes, there is life after e-publication.

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