Monday, November 17, 2008

Jenny Rappaport to Start her Own Agency

Lori Perkins and Jenny Rappaport would like to announce that they are amicably parting ways, and that Jenny will be leaving the L. Perkins Agency to start her own literary agency, The Rappaport Agency.

After a mutually successful two and a half year business relationship, Lori and Jenny have found that their agenting interests are taking them in different directions. The L. Perkins Agency will continue to focus on erotica and chick lit, horror and pop culture, while The Rappaport Agency will specialize in science fiction and fantasy, as well as YA, and romance.

Speculative fiction has always been Jenny’s passion, and she is pleased to be able to take her work with it to the next level.

Marsha Philitas has been promoted to senior literary agent at the L. Perkins Agency.

Lori Perkins’ Blog:
The Rappaport Agency website:
Marsha Philitas’ Blog:


Anonymous said...

But Jenny is still awesome and be love her!


Anonymous said...

Will Jenny Rappaport have her own blog, in addition to the agency website?

ryan field said...

Congrats to Marsha and Jenny.

Ravenous Romance said...

Jenny has her own blog,

Jill Elaine Hughes said...

congrats to Jenny and Marsha!