Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The View from Here

It's not all doom and gloom - my film agent put together a really good movie deal for a YA Vampire series - and I am expecting to close on a multi-book deal that could make one of my authors a branded name in her field. But, other than that, the only things that seem to be selling are YA and erotic romance, and even that is slower (Harlequin just called today and asked if they could wait a month to make an offer on an option book that they'd already had two months.)

Meanwhile, one of the houses I've been doing business with called to tell me they just let go of three editors, so things will be a little slower. And a multi-book deal that I was negotiating just got delayed until the house can re-evaluate market trends.

It's getting cold out there!

But I leave for the Florida Writer's conference in the morning, so maybe that will warm my bones?


ryan field said...

Fingers crossed that things will pick up after the new administration takes over. I have friends in real estate that are hitting themselves with hammers it's so bad. But what goes down always goes up again.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the economy will pick up, slowly but surely, and the publishing market will follow suit. Crossing my fingers, as well....